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The future of professional formation is collaborative

How does it work?

We facilitate intercultural collaborative learning, innovation and the transfer of knowledge among companies, universities, teachers, and students, through the practical development of a contingent case study. Students will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in innovation, collaborating in international teams with Triple Impact companies for 5 to 7 weeks.


This challenge is prepared especially in conjunction with the participating companies and institutions, whose fundamental pillars are the following:

Quality education

We provide students with high-level materials and lectures, to ensure that the educational experience is of the best possible quality.

Work in multidisciplinary and international teams

Students are divided into different work teams, where they must learn to coordinate and interact with peers from various parts of the world, thus developing their soft skills.

Triple Impact and Sustainability

We want the new professionals to be able to contribute in the search for solutions to the challenges of the planet and humanity. We work with companies and develop case studies with significant Triple Impact problems.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

We promote instances for entrepreneurship and innovation, so that students can contribute to the generation of new value and growth.

Inclusion and Equity

We are aware that we are all different. We promote inclusion and fairness throughout the development of the challenges to ensure that everyone has a pleasant and enriching experience.



  • Strengthen and improve its curriculum and the quality of its educational and academic offer

  • Improve the quality of professionals who graduate

  • Improve the employability indicators of its graduates

  • Strengthen its indicators of internationalization and linkage with the environment

  • Belong to an international network of universities

  • Access to Communication and Public Relations (PR) material

  • Support and promotion of international programs, exchanges, accelerated courses, double degrees, etc.

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